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27 Years of Clinical Research
Internationally Accredited Testing & Certification Organization Approved by the United States Government
A Professional Clinical Research Organization Specializing in Glycemic Index Testing
Serving the Largest Food & Research Companies in the World
Board Approved Human In Vivo Clinical Trials
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Certification Program

A Certification Mark is a License issued by the United States government and authorized by the government.

The Glycemic Research Institute® is an Internationally Accredited Certifying Agent (IACA) under approval from the United States Federal Government, the Canadian government, and the United Kingdom government.

Over a 27-year period, the Glycemic Research Institute® has earned an international reputation as the industry expert in today's global food, beverage, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical regulatory environment.

The Glycemic Research Institute® is a Non-Profit organization providing a variety of Certifications backed by Board Approved Human In Vivo Clinical Trials.


As an accredited Certifying Agent under Federal government guidelines, the Glycemic Research Institute (GRI) is Registered and Certified by the United States, Canada and United Kingdom governments.

Additionally, GRI conducts Human In Vivo Clinical Trials and Claim Substantiation worldwide, including EU, Japan, India, Asia, Africa, South America, Italy, Australia, and Canada.


The Glycemic Research Institute® provides global Claim Substantiation and Certifications in the fields of the Glycemic Index, Diabetes, Cephalic Response, Adipose Tissue Fat-Storage, and Childhood Obesity (Kid-Friendly).

Products that are accepted for Certification are limited to orally ingested foods, beverages, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceuticals.

Products that are accepted into the GRI Certification Program will undergo Board Approved Human In Vivo Clinical Trials. Test Foods (products) that pass the clinical protocols qualify to display the GRI Government Certification Marks on products labels and brochures, and to make specific claims. All Clinical Trials are based on FDA CFR21 Guidelines.

A Clinical Studies Coordinator will be assigned to work one-on-one with the client. Clinical Trial Protocols and Applications Forms are available at:

The Official Glycemic Research Institute Clinical Trials Laboratory

To learn more about the Glycemic Research Institute Certification Program,

call (727) 894-6900 or


Government Certification Guidelines

The existence of a Legal Product Certification Agreement between the manufacturer of a product and the organization that possesses accreditation by a national government for both testing and product certification.
Legal evidence that the product was successfully tested in accordance with a nationally accredited standards.
Legal assurance the accredited certification organization has ensured that the item that was successfully tested, and is identical to that which is being offered for sale.
Legal assurance that the successful test has resulted in a certification listing, which is considered public information, which sets out the tolerances and conditions of use for the certified product, to enable bounding, and thus compliance with the law.
Legal assurance that the manufacturer is being regularly audited by the Certification Organization, at unannounced intervals, to ensure the maintenance of the original process standard that was employed in the manufacture of the test specimen that passed the test, and that if the manufacturer should fail an audit, all product certification, including labels of stock on hand, on construction sites, with end-user customers and on distributor store shelves, shall be immediately removed, and all stakeholders will be informed that the de-listed product certification is no longer eligible for use in bounding.

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